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Déspina Kortesidou

was born with the April flowers sometime in the '90s in the sunny peninsula of Greece. She is a graduating master student of neuroscience & metabolism, and a born adventurer.

An obligatory artsy-fartsy photo

An obligatory artsy-fartsy photo

(3rd person statements sound so official, love it)

She founded In Whirl of Inspiration, back in 2011 when she was (just) a biology student, in the island of Crete. In Whirl of Inspiration started as a creative and writing outlet for when studying molecules, became too monotonous. Recently, she started writing a children book and a not-so-children's book about the civil war in Greece. She has a soft spot for cheese, elder people, and (her own) jokes, but can't tell any as she ruins them by laughing too early. She enjoys sharing advice for eating healthier, or inspiring people to cover themshelves with plants, color and confetti.

Feel free to email her at hello@inwhirlofinspiration.com, or find her on Instagram and Twitter.

(breaking the 3rd person narration to thank you properly)
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"A little dash of nature, some good food & a sprinkle of creativity can take you a long way towards hapiness."
- Giorgos Seferis (joking, I made it up)

Meet the Team

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"When Harry met Julia" is a rising-magic-dj-duo, spending its time between Athens and Amsterdam. They joined In Whirl of Inspiration in the winter of 2014, after working for one year at various bars of Athens, but yearning to share their lists beyond these walls. 

These two pals create magic by transforming their (and ours) stories and feelings into thematic mixtapes. All their mixtapes can be found here or directly in their mixcloud page. You can email them at: whenhmetj@gmail.com

Praise For

In Whirl of Inspiration

Founded in December 2011, In Whirl of Inspiration shares freshly squeezed brain juice, in the form of articles, and covers subjects of self awareness, relationships, green living, food, and creativity. Our readers are clever, witty and creative women from all over the world, who love discovering new things. In Whirl of Inspiration (does not) receives 4.6 million monthly page views (no no no, lies) and approximately 1 million (someone to stop the transmission of false facts please) unique visitors every mo...(beeeeeep)


“A remarkably fresh curatorial eye… Plus, honest posts about everything will speak to you instead of at you.”
- my Mom


“One of the Top 10 Storytelling Sites" and “One of the Top 100 Websites for Women."
- my B.F.F.


“The blog read by the entire publishing and culinary industry, on Earth and Mars.”
- a stranger on the street


We love getting emails from readers. Please feel free to write to Déspina at hello@inwhirlofinspiration.com, and Hari & Julia at whenhmetj@gmail.com. If you have a burning question, you can also take a look at our FAQ page, the answer may be waiting there for you.



We love working with big or small brands, emerging creatives and writers, to create partnerships of all shapes and sizes. Please email hello@inwhirlofinspiration.com for our media kit.



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