I need vacation from myself

I'm overloading my time with stuff to do to a pathological suffocative point. I undertake new responsibilities and passion projects until I can't take it anymore, and then I deflate like a pierced balloon. In 20 seconds of real time, my mind processes the 6 projects I've been working on lately, shared among my three jobs, my master degree thesis and an application for a grant.

Sometimes I think I need a vacation; not to go on vacation per se but a vacation from myself. Time off from my thoughts, my obligations, my own life, do you know what I mean?

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Never too late to embrace -something like- new year resolutions

Imagine needing an auxiliary wooden stool to reach the tall cupboard shelves. You do your research "for the best of the best", but it takes too long, and you start feeling that you are wasting your time. So instead of a tool lightening up your daily life struggles, it makes it rather harder. This is how planning, agendas and new-year resolutions can end up manipulating us too. Let me share my thoughts on that.

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Monstera Deliciosa: tips for caring, growing and propagating it

I will repeat it forever and ever; plants are my favourite decoration elements for any space. I love them evergreen and lush. And who, anyway, is not lured by the emerald green, shiny leaves of Monstera deliciosa plants? For those who want to buy, or already have a Monstera, here are all my tips for caring and propagating a healthy, happy plant.

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