Green and beyond!


♫ First aid kit - When i grow up ♫

-Which is your favorite season? -Winter and/or summer. I hate these intermediate temperatures of spring and autumn.

I heard so many times these words and it's unfair for the children of the big cities and the islands the fact that they can't appreciate the beauty of these seasons.  Of course you can't blame somebody for something that he hasn't experienced yet.Personally, i love winter and summer, but if there weren't the other two seasons i would be miserable. This sweet dew in the morning, the sun kissing your skin without burning it, your floral dresses, the trees changing thousands of colors, but by far the most rewarding feeling is standing in the middle of a forest. That forest, which is untouched by the humans, so that you can hear nothing but t

he rustling of the leaves and the bird's stories, having around you a whole palette of colors! Green, brown and their shades are everywhere as far as you can see, there are small shrubs with the most delicious wild strawberries you have ever tasted, the logs are full of strange mushroom formations and is that a little bunny over there? What redemptive feelings are these?

"'Cause  magic exists if you know where to search!"


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