Literally the Best Thing Ever: Pillow Forts

pillow forts.jpg

♫ Soundtrack: Little Red - Rock it ♫

So let's suppose you're in the third decade of your life, so that means that in the 90s you were going to primary school. Do you remember what did you when you were alone in home?  Ooh I'll tell you! Forts indeed! Sheet- and pillow-forts to be accurate.

Usually those were these rainy days when you couldn't play outdoors "cause you will get sick, darling" And then you were trying the coolest -probably- game of the whole world, the fort! There,  you were the leader of your kingdom and the architect at the same. So today is -perhaps- the best time to rebuild one.

There are 2 main types of forts. We will start from the best one.

The sheet fort

With all of its soft, flowing fabric, the sheet fort is lavish and probably best suited for romantics.

You will need:

1.old sheets and generally large lightweight fabrics

2.heavy objects that will serve as supports (eg. chairs, tables etc.)

3.clips to hold the fort where it's needed


Just drape sheets over your supports, so that you can sit comfortably beneath the sheets.


All of that draping does create a light, airy look, but if you’ve sealed yourself inside, things can obviously get stuffy. Unless you’re attempting a vision-quest sort of a thing, make sure that you have a large entrance flap for ventilation purposes.

If you start to sweat at all , the sheets will really hold in that stale, sweaty smell. So in addition to ventilation holes, I’d suggest bringing in some air freshener or scattering a few fabric softener sheets around. Stay away from scented candles!


The fort of pillows

Harking back to its militaristic origins, the pillow fort is like a battlefield foxhole sans all the guns and peril. This might be why it seems a lot more defiant and aggressive than the sheet fort.

You will need:

small pillows, large pillows, pillows!


Just stack the pillows on top of other pillows and repeat until you run out of pillows.


The the pillow fort is not very sturdy and with the slightest shake/ war with your brother or friends / with your dog wanting to get in, it can be demolished!



The blankets and a flashlight (for night) are the most practical things you want to have inside the fort.

But because the forts should remind you of  your childhood innocence that you have / had / will have, bring in your favorite book, your game boy(do you still have it?) and generally anything that will preserve the nostalgic atmosphere. Also bring juice boxes, fruit snacks, and anything that reminds of your elementary school bags.

Have you examined the possibility to bring in a paper bag your delicious goodies, with your name written on? Life in the fort also means creativity, so do not forget the your notebook, pens, pencils and crayons. A note on technology: Bringing in a laptop is cool, especially if it's used for music, film and writing your experiences in the fort.

What I would suggest though is to keep tweeting, and facebooking to a minimum as they can distract you and reduce the magic of the experience. In my opinion, it would be much more fun if inviting a friend (or many of them) to share the experience!