under construction

Goodbye my old love!

♫ ♪ Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

Sorry for all this buzz, but things are changing here!

Update: Ok after three days of updates my new layout is ready and off to go! New header (does anyone remember the old one?), 3 columns instead of two (that means more space) and much irony!
Well i mean that while i call myself a "forest girl at heart" my new layout is full of sea, sky, whales and shades of blue. Well to tell the truth everything in my house is earthy and green. That's why i wanted a change here, to break my rules and design something else. I mean that, the forest cliche was so easy and expected for me, that i decided to challenge myself! (credit for the book of the header to Kaspen )

That's all for now, please tell me if you like it or what else you expect!

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