diy: painted shoes

♫ ♪ Summer Twins - I Will Love You

When I saw these -Κed's like- shoes at H&M (7$ and sold out already) I thought, that they would be a good investment... in all colors! (Unfortunately, I didn't find a pair of my size in the mint color, that I liked very much.)

The white shoes sincerely beg to paint them and transform them, they almost cry. That's the reason why, I gave them the opportunity to be painted, I couldn't see them suffering all alone and white as milk!

The shoes were painted with watercolors, so that they can repainted (in a different way) when they will be washed. Any other  way of painting  would be permanent.

My own pair would be described as: "hit, bleeding and it's cool!"

For the pair of my sister, we came up with something less surreal and more colorful!

 I hope that you liked them!