Diy: Vintage Kiss Confetti Collage


For some time now I wanted a pop art piece like these from Roy Lichtenstein for my bedroom. But no. I didn't want I simple printed retro poster of a kissing scene, I wanted more. So, after the lamp bulb confetti covered garland madness, here's vol. 2,a retro tet-a-tet confetti collage.


Ι used: my (gorgeous red) perforater, some magazine's sheets (choose some with pictures for colorful confetti), some newspapers' sheets, glue (I used atlacoll), a thick brush and a thinner one, scissors, a plastic cup, a square thick paperboard (= the collage's base). Oh and a little water.


1. We start with the magazine pages. Fold each page in width for around 9 times. So, you will have the maximum confetti per page.

2. Cut the newspapers' pages in middle-sized polygonal pieces. Avoid the parts of the pages, which jave large fonts. Our aim is to create a simple background for our collage and a big header will definitely catch the eye. So this is a no-no.

3. Mix atlacoll with water with an analogy of 4/1,so the that the glue will be to dissolved well. Apply some of the glue mix with the thick brush on the base-board and start placing pieces of newspaper. After  2-3 layers of newspapers' pieces, apply a final layer of glue mix on and let it dry thoroughly.

4. When the base dries well, it's sketch time! For this collage I used this version of the famous retro passionate kisses. Remember that you should only sketch the basics, no details here. Go for the head's and hair's outlines and the eyebrows' and eyes' shape and position. These sketches will be your guide for confetti sticking.


5. So there we go! For the details (eyelashes, eyebrows, face outlines): With the thin brush, we apply a little glue and carefully put confetti. Do not place one confetti  next to the another one only to follow the outlines or to fill the surfaces. One confetti should overlap the other one, to avoid the dotted-line face outline.


6. Then with the thick brush fill the larger areas with glue and scatter the confetti there. Leave some parts fully exposed from confetti to show the highlights of the hair (see: the girl's bangs. * Warning: You can change the confetti's position while the glue is still wet, otherwise soak confetti locally with the glue mix to move it easily.

7. Shake the board to drop confetti that hasn't glue on and apply a final layer of glue. Let it dry thoroughly and tadaaaam, you're ready!


So, your opinion?