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Well today I have for you (by a busy-bee named Michele) some tips to help you prevent chaos. We all would agree that it's far better to organize things from before and stop this-last-minute marathon of trying to catch up with everything. As a queen of procrastination, this MAY not be my field. So I will let Michele do this for me!


Autumn rolled around and I immediately think of starting a fresh school year. The best part of getting ready to hit the books was heading to the store to pick up fresh school supplies. New notebooks, pens, pencils + a planner were the best things in the world! Being organized in school is so important. Now that I work, blog, intern at a magazine , run an Etsy store, and go to grad school (I’ll be student teaching again this semester, too), so organization is imperative. However, I like organization to be fun + my style. I mean, if I have to stare at my planner for hours a week, I want to enjoy looking at it. Here are a few supplies + some tips to keep yourself organized, but keep it fashionable as well!

Planner Pens[you never know when you’re going to run out of ink/lose a pen]


Sharpie Markers

[again, like the pens, you might lose one or run out of ink]

Small Post-it notes


Now, I found out a really cool trick from Kaelah over at little chief honeybee. Instead of writing directly into your planner, you place small Post-it notes on the days. I am notorious for switching things around, so this is what my planner looked like in August:


Pretty messy + not very pretty, huh? Things were switched around, scribbled out, and just looks, well, hectic. Now, I am using the small Post-it notes on top of the days, so I can switch them around if I need to.


I have a few packs of small Post-it notes, so I color-coded certain things for myself. Now, you don’t have to go this far, but since I have a schedule that leaves little room for sleep, it makes life easier for me. If I have to rearrange things, I don’t have to scribble out my notes – I simply move them around the planner!


It looks much nicer and is easier to keep track of. When I complete something, I just remove the Post-it note! Sometimes I get a few blog entries done early + I have time for myself, which is always nice. I really love when a class is cancelled at the last minute, so I can’t wait to peel one of those notes off!

I hope the tips that I am passing along to you help keep your stress levels low and your organization easy! I love looking for tips to be better organized on other blogs, Pinterest and on Google. What are some organization tips that you can’t live without?


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Thanks Michele! Make sure to check this lady's blog too. :) 


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