After the Autumn's first Rain


Thank. god. it. started. raining. Well yes, today we will talk about the weather, like we are dating and we are pretty shy and we are talking about this, cause we can't think of anything better to break the ice between us. So, YES! The clouds remembered our existence. I can almost hear them saying: -dude, we haven't through rain there for ages. -Dude... You are right. Isn't it April when we last thrown them some cats and dogs? And they came! Basically, the funny thing is that either it rains here or not. It would not rain for months and then once it starts raining it never stops. For example, last year it was raining every day and night for almost a month. And no, I don't leave near tropical regions, but in Greece. What. the. hell.

That's it! Thanks for your patience with my little delirium, I just feel extremely happy that it's finally raining. That I am protected under my warm hood to smell the moist soil or (even better) that I am protected under my quilt while hearing the rain outside. Fall is finally here, for good at last!


Furthermore, if you shoot while the sun sets and its raining too, you may see this eary shade in your photos. Great isn't it?