I Have Free Time Too


And no (because you asked me), I haven't been lost in space and time. The thing is that this semester I was accepted in a neurobiology lab to offer some extremely valuable help, so the last weeks I was fully devoted to it! More details about this wonderful experience/opportunity call-it-as-you-want in the next days. And in the meantime (a.k.a.the few hours that I'm not at the university) I am taking advantage of the last super warm days of this year with various summer-inspired activities, including:


>> some walks by the sea before the first the arrival of the first cats and dogs from the sky!


>> fish for lunch, which had a oh-well-abundant amount of eggs in them!So, a little thumps-up for the delicious grilled caviar!


>> and since the seas around here are at theit hottest level this season, here's a bonus picture of an absolutely happy me, hanging out with my nice mask clearly.

That's all for now, we will keep in touch, ok?