Winter's Pink Sunbeams above Athens


In the way to Athens the other day, I happened to witness a really magical sunrise. Basically what I would try to transmit to you -almost unsuccessfully- now, could be done really better by a little boy in that aircraft. From the time that the first shy sunbeams popped up in the sky, illuminating the sky's dark blue velvet he started to say: "Look Mom! Wow, wow woow, mum mum look! WOW." and that in all tones of his enthusiastic voice, covering the whole spectrum of excitement and for 10'. real. time.  And believe me, this was the most honest reaction to such a spectacular sight!

And really how many of us, who were in the aircraft that time, were thinking of walking on these soaked with pink magic, fluffy clouds? Few I guess. That's way, while growing old people learn from thick books many boring scientific terms about the water vapors, their condensation and about rain. That clouds are not solid structures and to dance on them you can not. And at that point the magic's sparkle is lost. Or not? Knowledge can be powerful and it drives you away from the sweet ignorance. However, now that you know the functional structure of a model, why do you remove the option to believe in something a little more romantic too?

So, experience the joy of new information and interlard it with your own theories and scenarios. That will be much more interesting, really! :) And now excuse me, but I have to test how high you could fly by jumping on these fluffy cloud- trampolines. Aha.