Baby it's Cold Outside


♫ ♪ She & Him - Baby, It's Cold Outside

You must have noticed (and if you haven't, now it's your chance ) how rarely I blog about pre-holiday things. I neither made a gift/diy list before christmas, nor will I do this for the Valentine's day. Also,   I didn't do a summarizing and juicy post about the best movies to catch up with the BAFTA, Oscars, Golden  Raspberry Awards fuzz etc etc. It's not my thing, although I was tempted once or twice to do so, when I saw the massive response from all of you. But that's not for me, I find tiring writing such posts. Anyway, you just read the introduction to the post-holiday pictures that will follow. The pictures of the total and absolute laziness relaxation, 'cause that what my holidays were all about. But, let's take a look at a typical Christmas' day,  so that we can understand my situation.


You got it, and now the pictures!


Boom, that's it, merry Christmas everyone!