How to make a Moss Ball Garland


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Spring is here (AT LAST!), so le' me give you a green and happy diy of how to make some really great moss garlands! Moss, which is great to stare at and touch by the way. Its formations are like a tiny forest which awaits for you to explore and take a close look at it. Moss I love you. . and -


Supplies: moss, Styrofoam balls (they are used by florists for flower arrangements), pliers, screwdriver, pliable but thin wire or straight floral wire, rope

Notes on Sourcing Moss: If you have moss growing in your back yard, feel free to harvest and use that. Otherwise, check out your nearest craft store or garden center. If you do purchase moss and it feels dry or looks dull in color, give it a quick soak in water. Be sure to squeeze out excess water; this will help rejuvenate the dried moss.


So let's start:

1. The only Styrofoam that I could find was in this rectangular shape. If you face this "problem" too, make it spherical with a sharp knife of scissors. I went for spheres with diameter at 8-9cm. Go as big as you want if you have enough moss to cover the balls.

2. Now, stick a screwdriver through the center of your Styrofoam balls and pass the rope through the hole. Make a knot in each edge to secure the Styrofoam ball from sliding when it will be hanged.  

3. Take the thin wire (you can find some straight floral wire too if you can, it can be found at craft stores) and bend it around your finger (or with the help of the plier) to create a bobby pin shape. Use pliers to cut.

4. Take a section of moss and kind of squeeze the moss together. Place on top of the Styrofoam, and using the wire “bobby pins,” pin the gathered moss to the balls. Work around the edges of the segment, securing in at lease three places or more if necessary and depending on the segment size.

5. Continue adding moss segments until the ball is completely covered. If the ball looks flat on one side, you can add another piece of moss on top of the existing piece to even it out.

Notes on preserving you garland: Make sure to keep your moss garland in a sunny room but no direct exposure to sunlight, this would dry the moss. If they are not in a room with moisture ( e.g. the bathroom) spray them with water every other day and give them a good soak in a bowl of water once a week. As for soaking, let the balls for 5' in the water (Styrofoam  tends to soaks and dissolve if you leave it in the water for much time) and after that drain them and put them on a towel for the water to be absorbed. You don't want any water leaking when you hang the garland, right? As for my garland this under-the-lamp spot isn't its permanent spot of course (a.k.a. heat = dry moss). It was there only for one night, for the purposes of a party. :)


Would it be something that you would like to try? If yes, that's great. Anyway, happy crafting!



Déspina Kortesidou

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