How to create foliage shadows on your wall


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The ficus benjamina (or just benjamins for the friends) have come to be some of the most popular houseplants. Why's that? They are easy to be taken care of (check our growing advice here), green and tufted and they give a feeling of freshness to your place. After three years of cohabitation with two of them, I can admit confidently that life with them is happier and so greener. So, you are proud of how adorable (yeah, I use such words for plants) your Benji is in the daylight. Sure. Why can't you flaunt them in the evening too? By creating atmospheric foliage shadows on the walls for example. Just saying.


I have one of my Benjis in a large basket. So I stabilized a spotlight (one of these that can be fastened on surfaces) on the basket (or on the plant's pot, if you have no basket) and when it gets dark and I turn on the spotlight and  tataaaam!


Almost magical, isn't it? This lightning method is ideal if you want a moderate light in the evening, in case of wanting to see a movie but hating the absolute darkness. Absolutely perfect!


So, opinions?