Pardubice tour || day 1


So, earlier this month we had the opportunity to visit a friend of ours, who does her Erasmus studies in the small city of Pardubice, in Czech Republic. However, this trip was a success, because made it visiting Prague and Budapest too. And our trip was a 5-days one. In the end of each day our feet were aching, but it felt good guys. We saw every. little. thing. So, fasten your seat belts, next stop is  Pardubice, Czech Republic!

Pardubice may be a small city, with a great campus, of 90,000 inhabitants, but it's not the city’s impression that you first receive. Even the city center does not resemble a city-city. The trees and their calmness possess the territory. So, 2 of the 5 days we stayed in this little green paradise. Rumors say that the locals pay fines of they don't own a dog or a bicycle when going out of their houses. Yes, there were dogs and bicycles everywhere.


The first day we walked the whole historic and non-historic city's center. We started from Pernstejn Square with its big green gate, the pastel of dollhouses, the each-one-is-different-from-the-others facades and the most beautiful pruned platanus ever.


And we continued our walk through the old city...


A visit to the castle of Pardubice, just for the pathway through the city with its traditional cobblestones, was necessary. The yard of the castle is really beautiful with its many free peacocks, here's a little albino one, but the interior parts, to some of which you pay a ticket to enter, aren't something exceptional.


After this rain of flowers' confetti, I was walking around with hundreds of petals in my hair. Like a little elf, which lost its way to the forest and was wandering in the big city. They were so beautiful and so hard to be removed from my hair.


Outside the municipal theater of Pardubice we were caught by an unexpected (!) wave of laughter. Like we didn’t have enough great time, like we weren't tearing enough from laughter. Generally we were very amused in the whole trip, in case you haven't already noticed. Educational and fun that trip was.

The " what Tyra Banks taught me " effect - 1:44

The "what Tyra Banks taught me" effect - 1:44


Well the first thing you will notice in such cities of Νorth Europe is the green spots. Green spots and parks everywhere. And the people in the parks. Like how is Greece with such things, eeeh like nothing to do with that. The sun's heat doesn't burn you and the river's dew refreshes you so much. And we are talking about mid-May, right? In many cities in Greece, you would rip your skip off your muscles under such circumstances.

With river Elbe crossing the city, the platanus and the abeles are smitten and thriving. And the citizens tend to exploit that environment at its fullest with bike/pedestrian pathways by the river's banks, under the thick foliage. Magical.

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