Spoon Food #1: The Story Behind It


So what the hell is this-how-you-call-it "spoon food"?

For months I tried to find some themed posts to share (eg. dinner and a movie,

tgif) only to find myself bored after a while. So I hope that I will stick to "spoon food" a while.

spoon food [spun fud-phrase

  1. something that is chewed, the grounded: "chewed food"
  2. (therefore) the abraded
  3. (translation) a)feeding someone (typically a baby) with a spoon by placing food on the spoon and then putting the spoon in the recipient's mouth until they remove the food using their tongue or lips. The only action required by the person being spoon-fed is to close the lips after the spoon has been inserted into the mouth and swallow the food. b) it refers to someone doing something for someone else to such a extent that the person being "spoon-fed" has to do only the absolute minimum. In the case of a class where students don't have to do any thinking, analysis, or practical tasks but just memorization of facts could be an example of "spoon feeding". 

Let's focus on the 3b a minute or two.

In real life we  all have some favorite words/phrases that we adore pronouncing often (no?). So, we will say what you want to say in such a way that our word/phrases fits appearing.For me one those words this time is the "spoon food" and kolobena, but that's another story.Example:

What I won't say: "Shit, Ι couldn't use my cheat sheet at the test today."

What I will say instead: "Well if I could cheat from my cheat sheet at the test today, well that would be a smashing good spoon food.


Are still following along? Nice.

So in this series of posts, I will bring to you some great chewed food, cooked over a low heat, fine and interesting for me and you(?), ready for brain processing. Your breathing will be more difficult than this.

So today we will cut the red ribbon with a few a few goodies:

::The best Disney mash-up. ever.

::The 5-secs rule for foods on the floor. Is it true?

::The differences between the unsalted good writing and the spicy talented writing.

:: The side effects of the internet on our minds

:: Of course... but maaaybe.

:: This song. Loop. 

:: The abandoned set of "Star Wars: A New Hope" in Tunisia.