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I was strolling in the internet's book territory when I came across Jess's blog, Sweet Green Tangerine. Which made me notice her book chat series, which woke up the little enthusiast in me. I couldn't pass the opportunity of taking part in such a series. That's not what a book addict would do, not at all. So, here I am with my co-hostess tag on, ready to rock that book chat. This week's topic it's "outdoor settings". It usual for me to fall for book that contain a big dose of  exceptionally good described landscapes and places.

Descriptive narration it's the key for my imaginary kingdom, it unlocks the gates and lets me to hang out there for a while. Some of these books were the Le Jardin d'enfant by D. Collet, His Dark Materials Trilogy by P. Pullman,   and The Book of Lost Things by J. Conolly.

But, after some serious thought, I decided not to talk in detail about such books. No. So, in the next paragraphs I will try to share with you my favorite outdoor settings... for reading. Yes, sure. The addiction of reading books happens to take place mostly in the safety of my own bedroom, with me lying comfortably on the bestest pillow of mine, revealing the hidden stories behind the black strict lines of words. That's how it normally goes. However, now that it's warmer and sunnier. I make some serious efforts to expand my reading spots repertoire.


1. Under a tree.

Reading under a tree's thick shade with grass tickling your toes is probably my second best favorite spot for reading apart from my bed. The leaves' whispers and the cool breeze of air are a great combination of serene sounds perfect for those who want to get lost in the book land.


2. The beach.

When I am not splashing around, or doing something silly on the beach, I seek a getaway in my books pages. The waves' sounds create a white noise that overlays all the other shrill shouts and talks around you, which is wonderful if you are keen on reading for hours.

A cafe in Budapest

A cafe in Budapest

3. To a quiet little cafe. 

I have never done that before, to go and drink my coffee all alone with only company my book, but I would to do so in the near future.


4. In the plane/ship/bus while traveling.

While traveling, reading a book gives you the feeling of the time flying by. Convenient enough if your trip lasts for 4 or more hours. In this category you can add "reading in a car too", if you aren't like me. Me is feeling-sick-in-the-winding-roads-or-when-not-looking-outside-the-window. Making the mistake of trying to read and the vomit feeling climbs up my throat.

Placa Reial, Barcelona

Placa Reial, Barcelona

5. As a tourist in another country/city.

When visiting a foreign city I tend to click on the "normal tourist behavior"in a the "normal" and almost run like a nuts so that I will have enough time to see everything I want. Major sights and museums and restaurants and cozy cafes. I want it all. Nevertheless, I want for alittlefcking time to find a nice spot and sit and read my book under the shade for 20' max and then I will be the best city's explorer. I promise.


So what about you? Where do you prefer to read your books?


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