Pardubice tour || day 2

At Bajer Cafe, probably my favorite photo from the whole tour!

At Bajer Cafe, probably my favorite photo from the whole tour!

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So here we are again with the "Pardubice tour". “With what ?”, you would say. Ohh, didn't I tell you that we had a tour with my music band? Please hear our songs on the internet, our band’s name is: we-went-to-visit-our-erasmus-friend-in-Pardubice-and-I-am-a-terrible-liar-too. But I think that we should change it, we need something more short and catchy. Anyway you can see the tour's first day here. So the second day of our trip took place in Pardubice too. After yesterday’s last day's walk all over the city we decided that we earned spending that day for meals, coffees and chill out time at the university’s campus.

So, first stop! Road Cafe. This is one of the most famous cafe-bars in Pardubice and it's totally not possible to find a seat there in the evening, so I guess we were lucky. Or everyone else was working that hour at that city. Anyway, this place is sooo coolish! It came out from a Tarantino's movie, the abandoned, lonely cafe in the middle of a hot desert in Texas. Yeah...


Then coffee time! We were among Bajer and Bajer Café (a.k.a. living myths there). There are two Bajern cafes in town, the one next to Pernstejn Square and rumors say that it has the best hot chocolate ever. The other one has a magnificent place outside to sit and a secret garden. We choose the second one, we are visual gals.


And we did so well choosing that. Apparently, we ordered only one chocolate pie over there, but since Czechs’ relationship with English is not the best one, we ended up with 3 of them. Not bad, not bad at all if you ask me now. And their cappuccino was as cappuccinos must be, creamy and delightful.


Now indoors, this place was so kitsch, that it ended being normal. There were too many little things everywhere. I wanted to take some photos of kitschy things and I couldn't focus anywhere, it was crazy man. So, I took 1 general photo and let's getta out to enjoy our coffee.

Then it was time for some sunbathing back at the campus. Because of the permanent dull weather here, in such unexpected sun break outs everyone takes his quilt and splashes into the warm grass. Apparently, that day there were some concerts near the campus and everyone was there. Collecting sun beams and listening to music all day. But, it was unfamiliar to us the drunk/sober % all around us. I understand that beer is so cheap that you rather spill it than drink it (0,4Lit for 0,5euros - yeah I know, mindfuck), but you can't drink from the 1pm until late at night from plastic 2Lit beer bottles (there are in supermarkets too, it's hilarious)  to be able to have fun. I was thinking that Greeks drink, but there they drink as there won’t be tomorrow never again to drink then. It's unbelievable. Anyway, back to the sun I will go now.


+ Our favorite pub, just beside our dorm, Dydy Baba . With 4$, you could eat a whole family pizza and 0,8Lit of beer there.

+ Also, we experienced the most kitchy-itchy-tiny-weeny bar-club in the world, Klec Disco, which welcomes you with a fried potatoes smell when entering and with the scariest bodyguard ever. Inside there is a mini stage for people to dance with poles too, don't ask me why people.

+ Also, I can hear you thinking: "She want to Pardubice and instead of eating some kind of traditional goulash or something she was going to American bars. What a victim.” For our defense, we would go to St. Patrick, a really nice Irish pub, with traditional Czech dishes (yeah to an Irish bar, people here are multicultural, okey?), but it was closed and deserted, although its music was playing normally. Strange things happen.

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