Science Makes it Difficult for Racists to be Racists

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Image via: Getty

Lately there have been series of incidents where state workers have taken light-haired children away from their Roma parents — a witch-hunt spurred by recent events here in Greece.

Since 5-year old Maria, the "Blonde Angel",was taken from a Roma couple in Greece, there have been (at least) two cases in Ireland in which children were taken away from their parents. The excuse was that these Roma families had probably kidnapped the children from their white-as-milk parents. Seriously, something stinks in this case and it's not any rotten fish.

And then here it comes in all its glory surrounded by sunbeams, the DNA tests to impart justice where justice is due.  

DNA tests have proved that Maria is, in fact, the biological offspring of her Roma parents. (The girl was reunited with her family at last. ) Although, it is startling to know that gypsies give birth to blond children too, like the fact that all the racists belonging in this Aryan race are like Apollo's children, with their blond curls and beautiful like Olympian gods. Or not.

For newbies in molecular biology: The red ones are the matching ones, meaning that DNA has the same origin or that a child can take its DNA only from its parents.

For newbies in molecular biology: The red ones are the matching ones, meaning that DNA has the same origin or that a child can take its DNA only from its parents.

To prove parentage, scientists use polymerase chain reaction (which amplifies specific regions of a DNA strand) and restriction fragment length polymorphism (the process of creating and differentiating DNA fragments). Both of these techniques produce genetic fingerprints that can match child to parent — and it does so with 99.99% accuracy. -Apart of course from all of you, who sprung up all of your own. And thank goodness for that.- And thank goodness for all the other things that DNA testing does for us, like its indispensable role in criminal investigations and trials.

In other words, if you are your parents' child and they have given you their half DNA each one, your DNA and theirs is 99,9% identical if you examine specific parts of it.  The end. That also mean that you may be black as a devil and your child may be blonde. Amazing what biology can prove the last 50 years right? Oh it's hard being busy with racism theories and paying attention in science's evolution in the same time.

I think that after this racists around the world would be stoked. How can two entirely black, gypsies be the biological parents of an blonde angel deserving only the best by a white, wealthy family? I think it should be illegal at least.  I was stoked too, founding out that there are indeed Romas, who keep their children to raise them by their own. However, this happen only in winter as spring is a great season for selling children. If you want some too, go sign in the waiting list here. 


Happy racist-free weekend people!  :)


Déspina Kortesidou

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