Wanna sponsor IWOI for October?

sponsor In whirl of inspiration

Hey guys! Do you know that if you've been thinking of advertising on I Whirl of Inspiration, October is a great month to do so? Why you may ask. Because October doesn't have the "m" letter just as the other fall months. And because I want to welcome you properly in my new domain, I will offer you a 40% off coupon for all the ads. Just use the code: autumnfuzz (This is case sensitive, be sure you don't add a space before or after the discount code). The offer will end on 7th of October so you will have a week to think about taking advantage of it.

As always, with Passionfruit Ads, if the size you are after is sold out, you can purchase now and go into the queue for the next free slot, and you can also purchase multiple ads with the discount by using the new shopping cart feature.

October will be a really active month here, full of recipe, book reviews, crafts and travel posts as always. I've updated my stats on the Advertise page, if you're ready to purchase, head over there now! If you have any questions at all about advertising, or designing a button, let me know over email or in the comments below.

Also, it's the first time to really "talk" about the new domain, after the moving. So if you have any recommendations or feedback please tell me so. I would like to make your staying here as must awesome *fireworks here* as I can.