Finches, Robins & Sparrows Close Ups

Robin Close Ups.jpg

So now that you learned how to make bird feeders, I can show you the photos of my visitors. For 2 weeks between their feeding time –aka 15:00-16:00 , 1-2hs before the sun sets-, me and daddy were rushing between 6 windows and 2 levels for a good shot. After the first days we knew their spots and in order to have a clear field of vision we should run between 4 windows in our home's ground level and 2 in our semi-basement. And all these for the 1-2 mins that would stay still to eat. It was an ecstatic experience for sure.

So here's what you managed to caught, not bad not bad at all.

Firstly there were the sparrows. Noisy and pesky they didn't let no other birds to come close to the feeders. We were desperate. Was that the end of a great effort? Would we photograph only these masters of fuss? Tweaks, flies and squabbles over the dry bread. From afar they look like wearing total grey suits, but through the lenses shades of brown, yellow and black are analyzed. What beautiful details they have.

BUT, we weren't so unlucky. Cause in the end of the day there was still food in the feeders. Bamm! The sparrows couldn't open the sunflower seeds with their lil’ beaks. After a day or two, here they come the finches, selective and majestic with their yellow bellies and cobalt backs. They would grab a seed and go up on the pomegranate tree, secure the seed between their legs and break the pod to reach the little treasure inside. Then they would go back for another seed, back on the tree and then they were gone until the next day.

The robins were the most elusive to catch up. Normally they would find a tree in the the opposite plot or a secure spot on our tall fence to scan the area for cats, for 15', completely still. You would be lucky to locate them like this. Such an easy peasy photoshooting if there weren't visual obstacles on your way. Then he would rush to the feeder, he would grab a sunflower seed and disappear for the rest of the day. So, as I said before, we were trying to shoot these photos for 2 weeks and you managed to have some good robin's ones only the 3 last days.

However, I can't say they don't deserve it. What flaming necks!


Credits: Photos by: Daddy & Deborah Cortes (thanks Daddy!)

All photos were taken with my Canon 600D with the 75-300mm tele lens attached, in case you wonder :)


Déspina Kortesidou

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