Are you in for NaNoWriMo?

Hey did you know that November is the National Writing Month (for Americans)? I live in Europe, but it's fine cause if it's for books I can embrace the celebration for me too.

I had the great habit of writing my own stories for a lot of time and I feel that I want that habit back. The last years of my collage life were really hectic (busy living and stu-dying), but now I am a graduate so, boom, I'm back in the game. So yes, I will participate for sure, I signed up today. A lit bit late , but better late than never.

Curious for what I am going to write about? I am between 2 children's books, one about cooperation and team work and another one about how to handle loss. I guess that I have to choose one, today or tomorrow, so that I can start writing.

So, are you in? If you are (please please say I do), write your username in the comments below so that I can see what you chose to write about. Mine username is inwhirlofinspiration (so creative).

Catch you on the flip side guys. xo