When Harry met Julia: The Story

when Harry met Julia.jpg

I guess that you have already took a look (and a hearing) at the the ingenious playlists by "When Harry met Julia" duo here at the blog. right? When I asked from them to share their wonderful playlists with all you, I knew exactly what I was doing. These pals exchange thematic playlists for years now. And all started back them when we were young at the first year as undergraduates. I will let them narrate their story...

How well can go a proposal that contains the word "gamato" (aka fetch in Greek) in it?

Apparently when Harry suggested Julia "something gamato" before leaving from Athens, that night at Thision, nobody expected that  they would spend their entire student life together with this idea. One package every month, a themed cd, one letter and them in both roles of thesender and the recipient. These with a long letter full of news and confession of the things that happened within these 30 days. That and the things that they forgot to mention when talking on the phone, or was it on purpose so that they could write them down on white papers, sprinkled with the their smells? And like this, at the end of each month, while sticking the last stamp, they were trying to express what they hoped, feared or hid most in their lives described better with melodies than with words. And the distance between them was never a obstacle. And when Heraklion gave its place to Aberdeen and Athens to Lyon, their communication and expression was even more reinforced.
And when they were in the same city again and they could smell clearly the other one, to whistle nonstop the melodies that haunted their unconscious for days and to stand for hours together in the same concerts, they lost the roles that had all these three and a half years.
Fortunately, Debbie came with her freshness and her colorful site to resurrect the music and (most importantly) our memories, through 70+ cd that will be uploaded online and updated they will find their place in the background of your letters , perfumes and confessions.
PS. Aren't they perfect? So perfect that they started playing like proper DJs in various bars in Athens. I will announce their future events obviously. Right? xo