Moving in Amsterdam - first thoughts & places for a drink or food

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Those who follow me on Instagram (thank you for this!) may noticed that I moved in Amsterdam. I was organizing this trip since August and 3 weeks ago it really happened. I still can't conceive the fact that I trully live here for 3 whole weeks and I will continue doing so for at least some months. It doesn't fit properly in my brain. Thing is that the past 3 weeks have passed very quickly and they can be describedperiphrastically as a mishmash of severe cultural shock, wonderful walks, rainy days and thick fog, frenetic house search, Dutch bureaucracy and paperwork and infinite  bike rides.

What could I say about this city?

  • Firstly; the bicycles.  They are everywhere and they are make me anxious. The are like Greek car drivers, paying no attention to traffic lights or signs (cause in Dutch they know how to bike better than how to walk). But the bike paths? Oh maybe the most organized network that I have ever seen.
  • On the other hand, cars and trams are the total opposite. They freeze when they detect your foot touching the pavement from half a mile away, even if you aren't on a pedestrian crossing
  • The city; it's city center is so small that you can walk/bike (that's better) through it and still it's so rich in events, fabulous bars, great places to eat, parks to walk through and a bit of craziness.
  • The fact that it gets dark really early has its pros and cons. It's kinda of depressing leaving from work and feeling it's midnight. However, when you feel like it's 9pm, but it is still 5pm, you can do so many more things during a 24hr day. Magic in winning time.
  • I forgot how it is to be the minority in a group of people. Being almost the only one speaking only English and not Dutch, can be tricky sometimes.
  • Guys! I live in a city that organizes Museumnachts (aka museum nights) (giggles). This means that you can go (almost) for free in whichever museum or gallery you want during that night. And let me remind you, that in Amsterdam that places touch the humble number of 50+ (!). Why don;t we have this perfect thing in Greece too? Who is gonna organize it? I want volunteers, come on. 
  • As for the food, I miss the good feta cheese in the supermarkets, even though you can find in them things that you only dream about. Also, I laugh at the crazy individually packaged vegetables. It's crazy and of course totally essential to recycle. After every time you visit the supermarket, you produce your body weight in trash. Very clever people.

As for my new discoveries:

  • Waterkant: a perfect bar with tables outside to drink your drink next to Amstel river.
  • Bloemen bar: What a nice bar in the Spui square. With reminiscent of the flower children and the hippie atmosphere of Woodstock.
  • Ivy & Bros: The Red Distric has so many wonderful places and this shop is one of my first discoveries. Admire the shark jaws hanging from the wall and the overall at-grandma's-house decor and ordered a sandwich with salmon & avocado.
  • Roest: a little bit out of the city center. However the industrial decoration will win you. I love that place. So cool.

I will keep you updated on my new life, don't worry. Also, if you want some snippets of the beautiful Amsterdam in you feed, don't hesitate to follow me over Instagram and Fb


Déspina Kortesidou

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