My Cool-Yool Dad

my dad is awesome

They say that can't choose your family and I am happy to have won the lottery in this case. Cause mine is awesome! I am lucky for that, I admit it. So that family's 1/4 has his birthday today.

If I could describe this family's 1/4 part with 3 words, these would be strong-willed, erudite & restless. It's hard living under the same roof with that person, you know, you end up setting skyscraper-high standards for everyone and everything and in the end of the day you end up arguing with each other about your favorite Asterix & Obelix and Lucky Luck magazines.

Thanks Dad for being so like me, so much that it gets annoying sometimes, thanks for being such an inspiration and teaching me to love books and outdoor activities. Thanks for having so skilful hands with everything, cause I also have and that's due to genetics. Thanks for being there no matter what.

Happy birthday! :)