I am Back with a Bi-lingual Site!

Heraklion by the sea

You didn't expect something like this, right? No correction, you probably didn't expect nothing at all from me any more. " It's more than a month to show any online signs of life and internet is a place that doesn't forgive darlin'. bb", you though. However, this month of absence I run a hundred constructive activities and most importantly I, finally, found a way to separate the 2 languages in 2 completely independent blogs. This is huge for me in ways you can't even concept.

Obviously you will keep reading this blog and :

  • from now on all posts will be available only in English here and in Greek in the other blog (even the old ones). Any of you, who speaks Greek too, can read the other blog.
  • there will be a special button on sidebar's top to teleport you between the English and the Greek blog
  • each blog has its own menu now (the navbar below the blog's title) with the categories and all the information that you need to navigate here safely
  • and it has its own index too (seek for the calendar on the sidebar )
  • also from now on, In Whirl of Inspiration is in Flipboard too, click on to follow

Finally for you, that you follow me on Bloglovin' and you are from Greece, the Greek blog will have its own page there from now on. Make sure to check it out and follow me there if you want.

That's all for now, I happy to have this place running again like new. I want to show and tell you so many things, but there is time for this. Until really really soon,  all the best! :)