Strawberry & Walnuts Baked Brie

Strawberry & Walnuts Baked Brie Recipe

So the other day I made these superb cheese, mushroom & rosemary crackers and instead of eating them all bare. I had to find for them an appropriate topping. The answer for this is one and only one; cheese and fruits. Yeah I am that predictable. So, I tried strawberries and walnuts baked brie and it was gone in minutes.

Strawberry & Walnuts Baked Brie Ingredients for Recipe

Strawberry & Walnuts Baked Brie (for 1 person)


:: 200gr of brie

:: 1/4 cup of walnuts

:: 1/2 of chopped strawberries

:: 1/4 tsp chopped (fresh) rosemary

:: a little ground salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 250°C.

Mix walnuts, strawberries, rosmary, salt and pepper in a bowl. Squash the strawberries a bit and let the mixture stay for the aromas to mix.

Place half of the mixture on top of brie. Flip & repeat.

Bake for 5-7 minutes, until it's nice and oozy. Serve along with your crackers.

To answer: "Can I eat the white skin, which surrounds brie?" - Yes, you can, cause it's an edible mold. The skin is formed naturally by molds and bacteria on the surface of the cheese. It starts out as fine white hairs and grows to what the French call 'poil de cha't, or cat fur. The fur is then rubbed off, and underneath is a thin rind encasing the nearly fluid interior of the brie. The rind protects brie from the air and delays drying and loss of flavor. If you remove the rind, you should eat the creamy center within a day or so.

Whether you eat the rind or not is up to you, some people do like it, others don't. The rind has a rather tangy/earthly tasting, and some people think it is the best part of the brie. A brie's rind should feel firm and silky, not hard and crusty, and can be eaten alone or mixed on the bread with the cheese.

Strawberry & Walnuts Baked Brie Recipe
Strawberry & Walnuts Baked Brie and rosemary and mushroom crackers

Bon appétit!