Photography Giveaway for a 30$ Coupon for Amazon - Closed

photography Giveaway for a Coupon for Amazon

April is the bestest month and do you know why? 'Cause I have my birthday now, that's why. And as a true spring child I love more than ever colorful landscapes and places, especially when they are accompanied with a good book. So, I decided to host a little photography contest for all of you as my readers and my site is one of the best presents this year. So thank you all for being here! Go along, read the how-to-enter. :) 

 #readthatwhilestareat photos of mine in Bremen uni-campus and in Engel Weincafe in Bremen

#readthatwhilestareat photos of mine in Bremen uni-campus and in Engel Weincafe in Bremen

How to Enter :

Take a picture that contains part of your book (the pages or the cover) and the view that you have everytime that you pull your eyes off the book (aka the place where you are) .

Upload this photo telling us what do you read & where do you read this on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (make sure that the image is visible to everybody in Fb) and add the hashtag #readthatwhilestareat so I can find it.  Also tag me as @inwhirlofinspiration ( If you upload the photo on Instagram), as @WhirlofInspo ( if on Twitter) or as "In Whirl of Inspiration" ( for the Fb uploads).

Additional entries can be collected too, all these in the widget below:

(every participant is allowed to share 1 photo)


The Winner: Christina (Kar.). You will be contacted soon girl, congrats!


*And a big thanks to kerdiseto, diagonismos & ediagonismoi for being big media sponsors.