On my Way to Bremen & some Love Links

As you are reading this post, I will be on my way to Bremen (yay!), for a quick trip. If you have been in Bremen before and know the best places around don't hesitate to share them with me in the comments below.

As this is a 100% pleasure trip, I will be able to share with you bits and bytes of the city on my Instagram (new account, consider to follow), Twitter and Facebook account. Make sure to check. :) And when I will be back, you will have your traditional extensive list of go-to places.


Until then check my week's great findings:

:: The news of 4,7 billion years or how the scientists saw gravitational waves from the Big Bang. In other words, we have evidence that it really happened.

:: The BEST adventure, fantasy and science magazine that you will find; the Dodo magazine.

:: Researchers at Sony - CSL in Paris have developed an online storytelling game through which they are conducting research. It is basically an online game of collaborative comic book writing. It is meant to be a fun experience and one which will help them better understand the creative mind.

:: Such a great article on how to stop procrastinating and start writing!

:: March's track addiction, True Detective's opening video is true art.

:: This guy will search around Africa stories that make you smile, wanna support him?

:: And this hilarious guy using Disney and Pixar character's voices to sing Frozen's "Let it Go"


That's all for now, have a great weekend my friends!