Crunchy Popcorn Mouthfuls covered with Cheese

Bites of popcorn covered with different kinds of cheese

I have been thinking for quite a time to dedicate some posts to my favorite movies/tv-series-escort snacks. To make it more clear; I am addicted to snacks while watching movies. The crunchier and the saltier they are, better the deal for me. This season I started watching some series and having a decent snack for the long minutes of intrigue and/or action was a rule.

First of that series is a popcorn recipe. I always thought that cheese and popcorn work it soooo good together so why not combine them in little bites where you can have both in a mouthful of crispiness and saltiness? Guess what, I tried that and the results were damn great.

Bites of popcorn covered with different kinds of cheese

Mouthfuls of popcorn covered with different cheeses

(for every bog bowl of popcorns, you will need 300-400gr of cheese)

 Pic1: Fill the trays with cheese and popcorns

Pic1: Fill the trays with cheese and popcorns


:: ice cubes trays

:: popcorn

:: Graviera (=Cretan semi hard cheese) or any other goat's milk semi-hard cheese

:: Trikalino or any other goat's or cow's milk soft melting cheese

:: Landana Chilli or red pesto cheese or any other seasoned soft melting cheese

:: colors for food

:: salt, pepper, sweet paprika

 Pic2: popcorn-cheese mouthfuls after refrigerator

Pic2: popcorn-cheese mouthfuls after refrigerator


Firstly make the popcorns, season them with salt and let them stay. 

Then grate the cheese or chop it in little pieces, as it melts better that way. In a small pot boil some water and place in it a small fireproof bowl. Put in that the cheese and keep mixing until it melts (=ben-mari procedure). (*) Now if you want add some color for food to cheese. I made some green cheese that way.

When it melts and becomes a stretchy mass, take small portions and put them in ice cube trays, to have a layer of 5mm cheese (in height) on the bottoms of each tray. Fill all the trays with popcorns and press them well, so for the cheese to fill the gaps between popcorn. (pic1) Then put the trays the refrigerator for the cheese to congeal. (pic2)

(Tip: semi-hard cheeses work it together in that phase and the result is solid cubes with popcorn well attached on cheese.)

Now you have cheesy popcorn "cubes" to accompany your favorite movie/tv show. Season with pepper and/or sweet paprika and enjoy.

(*) I know that this way cheese turns into a somewhat thick, stretchy cheese with a layer of liquid oil sitting on top of it. Normal cheese melts like that, cause it is made of proteins, fats, and water, and these separate when they are heated. But we don't care about this, because we don't to make melt cheese for dipping, a.k.a. smooth liquid. 

Bites of popcorn covered with different kinds of cheese

Happy crunchy movie watches!