Omelet with Wild Asparagus

Recipe for omelete with wild asparagus

I do not know if you've ever seen wild asparagus, but when I did for the first time I was really amazed. They have nothing to do with the well-fed asparagus that you are used to buy from the market, thick as markers. No, these are very thin like weeds and on their top of they have a small finish with the flower buds. They taste really special, slightly bitter, perfectly if you ask me to be combined with some fresh eggs in a delicious omelet.

Recipe for omelete with wild asparagus
Fresh lemon tree's leaves

Fresh lemon tree's leaves

Omelet with wild asparagus (serves 1 person)


:: 1 bunch of wild asparagus

:: 2 eggs

:: onion

:: 1 medium lemon

:: salt, pepper, oregano

:: (optional) fresh lemon tree's leaves  (when saute they release a slightly sour,refreshing taste)


Firstly, cut and get rid of the very hard stems' bottoms of asparagus. Cut them in pieces, wash and toss them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

Then saute the onion in a pan and when it gets golden and nice, add the asparagus and mix. If you have access to a lemon tree, add some fresh, new leaves. Now break the eggs and either stir them to break the yolks and cook them faster or close the pan with a lid to cook the yolks only with vapors without having to flip the omelet and break them.

Your omelet is ready, serve with lemon and plenty of freshly ground pepper.

Recipe for omelete with wild asparagus

Bon appetit my friends! :)


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