Usb Love & bloggish plans

usb love doodle.jpg

The "Usb Love Doodle" is a slightly autobiographical visual representation of my life lately. I'm every single day in front of my computer (this could be a love story) working and studying and writing for the needs of, I hope to be, the last exam period of my life as an undergraduate. *fingers crossed on that*

On the other news, I have so many things running for blog too guys, so many plans and changes. I will be changing the blog's layout in something more practical. Plus, I almost finished the travelogue of my Iberian Peninsula tour and I want to show you so badly all that tips and pictures waiting patiently in my hard drive. Last but not (at all) least, next week I will be in the happy position -if everything is ready- to announce something really cool here.

So cya very very soon - Debs