Tips on surviving at summer music festivals

tips on surving at music festivals

Ah! The season of summer music festivals and camping. It feels like yesterday, but it's one whole year ago when we got to Pukkelpop music festival in Belgium. 3 full days of absolute dirt, sitting on the "grasses", eating crap and listening to the bestest music (Eminem I forgive you for playing in this festival, I laughed a lot during your concert. We are fine.).

It's a common knowledge that summer music festivals can be either a blissful dream or a total mess, if you are not prepared for some basic little things.

Do you want to know what I learned from my music festival times?

1. Do not leave nothing valuable AT ALL in the tent when leaving it. I hope I was clear, but to be sure; n o t h i n g!

2. Do not take your good (& expensive?) camera at the festival. This is an obvious thing too, but I too mention it to remind you everything. Your mobile phone's camera or a cheap compact camera will capture sufficiently all the things that matter; the great time with your friends.

3. And also, don't waste your time in taking photos/videos of the bands on the stage. You will only succeed in shooting a shaky dull mess, that you will never ever watch in your computer. There are professional photographers, who will be paid to be at the best spots on & off stage for that very reason; to take the best photos instead of you. Have fun and you will find the photos that you want online after one day or two.

4. Have some medicines with you. Within the festival area there will be points for medical care, if something serious happens to you. But in the case of an innocent headache, don't lose your favorite band to go to the other side of the festival area. Take your Depon and be good.

5. Have some cleaning wipes with you. Most festivals sites have grassy terrain , which after of 1 day of being trampled under 100,000+ feet turn's to plain steppe's soil. If you are lucky enough to be at an area prone to rain, that soil will turn into mud too. In such (and many other) situations cleaning wipes can be lifesaver you know.

festival's filthiness  tips for surviving in music festivals

6. In areas with heatwave-storms quick transmissions be informed fir the weather before leaving your hometown. The countries near the northern sea, are prone to quick weather changes and that could ruin your vacations in case you were unprepared for such change. In addition to your summer festival clothes, just to be sure take 1 pair of good sneakers, 1 pair of jeans and a waterproof jacket (aka a cheap plastic "bag" that you wear over your clothes for protection) to walk around comfortably while raining.

7. Build an easy awning for shade in the camp area. Many igloo-like-tents have an extra sunscreen cap that goes above the tent. If you are a big company, set up your tents cyclically so that you have a space for yourselves in front of the tents. Then tie that sunscreen cap on the top of the tents, to shade that area in front of them(it will make a huge differences). Plus: a plaid picnic blanket to sit on and eat would be great too.

awning for shade  tips for surviving in music festivals

8. Take (a yoga) mattress for sleeping. Besides the protection that it offers from that damn stones, that you didn't threw away when setting up the tent and now they almost left you crippled on the back, it provides very good thermal insulation too. If you go to the north countries, where it rains often even in the summer (not everywhere is Greece, I forget it all the time) the soil will be very cold in the evening. For instance in Belgium, in the day the thermometer was hitting 26°C and at night the temperature was falling to 13°C (& air & rain).

9. Have dried food with you. Buy supplies (cereal bars, dried fruits and buts) before going to the festival. They don't need cool temperatures to be kept and they will save you these moments that you are starving between 2 concerts, but you don't want to miss neither of them. After them we will go to have proper food of course. :)

10. Avoid buying foods (and drinks) inside the festival area. Before going to the festival area in the morning eat a good breakfast from your supplies (we bought food from from Brussels) or if there is any town ner the festival go and check for supermarkets and other food shops. You'll save so much money doing so. For instance, we were eating a big baguette in the morning, we took another one with us in the festival (for lunch) and we had our snacks (see 9.) too.

11. Inside of your dresses, wear a pair of shorts. You sit down all day, on all sorts of dirt and awfulness. It's not cool that your pants will be in touch with these, not a bit cool.

beer in a bun tips for surviving in music festivals

12. Organize what drinks you will bring inside the festival area and don not drink excessively. Yes I know that you are checked in the entrance of the festival area and any alcohol is withdrawed from you, but seriously do you think that there are many fools that pay 5 euros to buy 330ml of beer in the festival area? If you're an unreliable teen who thinks he can and should drink unlimited volumes of alcohol until he pukes and faints at aprox. 9pm, stop reading now. However if you are mature enough to manage the drink and you do not want to be broke for 3 beers, try the bellow tips:

  • if you have long (& many) hair, make a low bun around a can of beer. You can wrap a scarf around it if you want to, for extra holding. Nobody will get a thing, believe me. 
  • to pass sangria in the festival, put 2/3 of sangria and 1/3 of orange or sour cherry juice in a juice carton. In the alcohol inspection, they will smell your "juice", but they want detect the alcohol-smell, so it will pass.
  • if the days are cold and you wear a sweatshirts, hide a can of beer in the hood. You get a bonus if you cover the hood with your long hair.
  • if you wear a dress, wear a shorts underneath it. (see also 11. for that) Fill a bottle with any liquor, but not until the top so that you will be able to press it and make it more flat. Then place this between the belly and the crotch of your shorts. Warranty.
  • drink not put any bottle of alcohol in your bag, cause they will find it and then they will search you better to find any secret hideouts too.
  • have always extra caps for water bottles with you. If you pass water into the festival, they will keep the caps I'll take the cap (filled water bottles hurled from something drunks can be very dangerous) if you do not drink you will not put it in your bag. While the extra cover but ...

13. Wake up really early if you want to shower. The hot water in the camping's shower points ends like a flash and if wake up at around 9 or 10 o'clock (like most of the people), you might wait for (even) 2 hours in the shower queue.

14. Have your ticket's file with you in an usb too. Apart from having tour ticket (or any other document) printed, have a copy of it in a usb too. You never know when you will lose/forget sth somewhere and it would be wise if you could reprint it.

15. Apart from the concerts, check for parallel extra fun activities which are organized by the festival. Do not be a snob, and you will build a 6-pack out of laughing. Cool, ha? 

16. Keep this flat touristy pocket/bag worn under your clothes all the necessary stuff (IDs, credit cards, extra money). It sounds ridiculous I know, but you will be in a festival with so many people and such things (like stealing or losing) happen. Running to the embassies won't be fun, plus it will ruin your vacation.

17. Chemical toilets, yuck. Seriously, try to find ANY other way to do your job. I had to use a restaurant's restroom (in the nearby town) when needed, cause chemical toilets are the most disgusting places visually and olfactory ever existed.

Well I hoped that my tips were helpful enough to save you from a bad incident next time you go camping in a music festival. If  learn something and want to share, I will be more than happy to read it in the comments below.


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