Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete)

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece)

Last weekend was a weekend of camping at the little paradise on earth, the Agiofaraggo (which means Sacred Gorge) in South Creta. We all had a really hard week, so that little adventure was exactly what our mind needed.

We prepared our tents and sleeping bags (some forgot theirs), food, beers and water, cameras and excitement and we hitted the road.

To reach the Agiofaraggo’s beach, you must cross a small canyon. It’s up to you if you want to wear flip flops (the route is very easy), but I shound recommend to wear your sneakers. You will walk less than 30’ (carrying your stuff), so take your time to enjoy the view, the one-hundred-years-old olive trees and the oleanders. There are also caves, In some of which live until today ascetics.

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 2
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 3

With this and that we reached the beach, where we were welcomed by a hot little sandstorm, a kind offer from the 5 beaufort of that day. Splendid.

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 4

Most campers set up their tents under the trees at the gorge’s end, but if you're lucky you can find a really special spot. As soon as the gorge ends, the wide beach’s sand area starts, look at your left  and beneath the high rocks you will find a small recess in the rock. Set up your tents in front of it, so that you will have a natural refrigerator for the food and the privilege to save time until 1pm in the rock’s shade.  Awesome Deal.

The best swimming is early in the morning, when the atmosphere is cool and the waters are crystal clear. After that look for beautiful pebbles, there are so many in this beach. I even found a heart-shaped one for the Follow your Heart Project.

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 5
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 6
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece)7
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 8
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) follow your heart project

The dangerous hours of 1-4pm, when the sun is burning the sand and everything alive on it, try to sit in the shades as much as possible and to renew your sunscreen often. Now also is the time to eat, cause time flows more quickly when you are having fun and what’s more fun than eating? Going for a swim might sound like a good idea (never ever go swimming when you are full-of food-), but in the water you can burn easier these hours. However, I have you the solution for that: the smart umbrella. The smart umbrella will be activated and follow you wherever you go on the beach, even in the water as it is 100% waterproof.  To put it differently, be the beach’s attraction by carrying an umbrella in your sea like us. (hilarious moments)

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 9
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 10
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 11

In the afternoon  keep beers and  water cool, by putting them in the sea. The team’s rocket (let’s suppose that that’s us) trick is to take a cloth bag/purse, put a large stone in it and the drinks, tie it  with a string, hold the string by sitting on the beach and wait. In the meantime, you can take pictures of the waves’ splashes.

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 12

Then while drinking something cool, read your favorite book (beaches are the best places for reading, after beds, don’t you know) until the dusk comes and you can’t see nothing apart from your nose. Also, be impressed with how close to the coast the cargo ships pass.

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 13
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 14

In the evening you can always sit all together around your camping lanterns, to talk, eat, or drink. We tried light painting and we made terrific figures that jump from the darkness, knights, and mermaids. After that we slept because: a) we were exhausted, b) the camera’s battery was over and c) we forgot our camping lanterns at home.

light painting 1 Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece)
light painting 2 Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece)
light painting, knight
light painting mermaid figure

On Sunday afternoon we goodbuy-ed Agiofarango, farewell until next time we said.

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) 15

Returning to Heraklion, from the hills of Phaistos ancient palaces we saw that unique spectacle. It was so hot (as you can’t –lucky you- feel) that almost all the sea was evaporating.

Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) phaistos hills
Camping at Agiofaraggo (South Crete, Greece) golden sun beams

I wish you happy adventures this weekend guys, have fun!

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