For busy food bloggers with a 9-5 job: how to photograph your dishes during daytime

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Everyone is very busy with his daily life. But we ("we" is used as a more dramatic version of "I") have our 9-5 job, while we are boasting that we are keen food bloggers. These two roles would be a perfect match, if we just could find the perfect hour of the day to photograph the dishes for our future posts. Cause it's a problem to return from work, start cooking for a post and realize that it's pitch dark outside. And we all know that no lamp flatters the textures and colors of food as warm sunlight. So what are we doing?

Over time of try and error, I have developed two methods to solve this annoying bad timing. Initially it all depends on how many days a week are you willing to publish posts and how many of these posts are gonna be dedicated to recipes. If you write 4-5 posts per week and 1-2 of these are dedicated to recipes, the first method is more than sufficient. If you publish more often or/and you want to prepare more posts in advance, take a look at the second method too.

  1. Program during the week all the recipe posts for the next one, buy all the ingredients you need on Friday and take advantage of the weekend's free time and of every sunbeam to take the photos you need too. On the weekends you can make all these demanding and/or time consuming dishes or sweets that you have in mind.
  2. The other option is to cook also during the week for recipe posts. After work cook for dinner the dish that you planned and learn its tricks especially if you haven't tried it before. The next morning wake up an hour earlier than usual and cook the recipe that you tried the night before, but now style it and photograph it with the first sunlight of the day.  Flattering, right? Then pack the dish  as you gonna take it at work. 2 in 1. See what I did here? Because you time is limited, you can apply this for quick dishes or snacks that take no more of 30'-40'of cooking and preparing maximum. 

What tricks do you have for shooting dishes and still having a 9-5 job? Do you try too shoot also during daytime or you don't mind using lamps? have you purchased  (semi) professional light equipment? Let's discuss it in the comments below.


Credits | Author: Debbie Kortes, Photo: The Artful Desperado


Déspina Kortesidou

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