How to spend less money for food in super markets

How to spend less for food | In Whirl of Inspiration

 I don't know if I've ever admit it, but it happens to be quite ashopper, only not in shops with clothes like almost everyone else. My head though goes crazy in supermarkets, delicatessen or smart kitchen gadgets shops. Then I may consume so quicker than the speed of light. And what I mean is that I may go to the super market for milk and eggs and come back with 3 new spices, a little bit of this special cheese that I had my eyes on for a while,  these delicious pickles and a new nonstick pan. Plus I might forget the eggs in the end. Success.

So if you're like me and everything around food is a love at first sight, the following tips might seem helpful. Or maybe,  you already use a bunch of them. I don't know, youtell me.

  1. Make a list of things that you need from the super market (from new on: SM). On post-its on the fridge or in your mobile if you forget your post-its at home. (The Google Keep app eg. has the option of lists with ticks, very useful.) That way you will always know what you have to buy and it would be easier to to decrease your temptations.
  2. Make a schedule of every week's meals and stick to it. With that program in mind you will know what you need from the SM, so you will decrease the collateral damage of ingredients that you wont use this particular week. If you are a food blogger too, this tip might also be useful.
  3. Plan any special (& a bit expensive) dishes you want to make for the weekends. Reward yourself for being nice and logical with the SM expenses and be happier eating good food. Cook at last this risotto with asparagus or these salmon fillets with a crust of sesame and scallion. You earned them.
  4. If you live in a country where you pay for SM bags (like Netherlands) or not, remember to carry cloth bags (social conscience here) for the SM. While in it, put your things in the cloth bags instead of a cart. That way when you fill them you will have to leave. You can't buy (and carry) anything more. Go home.
  5. For one month spend the least possible money you would give for SM expenses & make a budget of that expenses. I'm not suggesting to starve for one month, just don't buy this extra fancy spice or this new rolling pin. Then divide the expenses per week, so that you know which is the budget that you should not exceed -too much- per week.
  6. Go to the nearest flea market and buy your fruits and vegetables from there. It is much cheaper than the SM and the quality/taste is incomparably better.
  7. If you want to "invest" in a new spice (or sth else) buy it for the next big meal with your friends. Plan a dish with this new ingredient and since you will all share the ingredient costs, its price will be hilariously degrading. Plus the food will be delicious and you will keep half of the package for future uses.
  8. Try not to buy packages things (mainly for cheeses and sausages). If there are employes that cut them right away, try that. This is usually cheaper, plus you won't take all these plastic packages that you will discard eventually.
  9. With the same logic, don't buy ready meals. Especially for soups and salads. It will cost you so much less if you buy the main ingredients and make it yourself, as the resulted quantity will be bigger. This also, includes the ready meals that you take for work. Cook them from home.
  10. Try to make dishes with ingredients that you already have, instead of taking new supplies at every SM visit. That way you will stop from throwing away vegetables at the end of each week.
  11. Keep notes of the products' price and buy them in bigger quantities if they are in sale. So profitable.
  12. Keel in mind that the SM when the put in sale -let's say- 5 products they increase slightly the price of other 5. So be careful not to win from the first and lose from the last ones.

I hope I increased the money's life span in your wallet. Will you go for these tips?Do you have tips of your own and if yes please share. I always love to learn new clever tips (for everything).

Credits | Text & Photo: Debbie Kortes


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