Spice Series: a visual guide on how to use your spices & herbs

Spice Series: a visual guide on how to use your spices & herbs | In Whirl of Inspiration

Well! New month, fresh projects. That’s how things go, right?

For some time I wanted to try the following project. The inspiration for that was on all the people that I know, who use only salt, pepper and (in special occasions) oregano when they cook. This happens because, simply, they don’t know what spice goes with what kind of food/ingredients when cooking. And I can’t blame them as it takes some practice to remember their use and a little bit more practice to become creative with their usage.

So what we will attempt here is to present you the usage of the basic spices & herbs  in such a way, that they will impress in your brain. The goal is that the next time you cook, you will think “oh yes, rosemary goes perfectly with red meat" or something like this.


Stay tuned for more!


Credits | Text, Photo & Design: Debbie Kortesidou

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Déspina Kortesidou

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