Spoon food #2: for a relaxed Sunday

Double Exposure πορτραίτο από την Sara K Byrne

How is your weekend so far? Do you have a nice cozy Sunday? Here it was raining all night and I had the luck to wake up with the sound of the rain drops bombarding my window, such a bliss. This moody set makes this Sunday a perfect day for writing, since I am a bit behind with writing a kid's book. Today, also, is the day that I will try to make a corn, bacon and gorgotzola soup and only the thought of this creamy sensations makes me drooling.

Here are some links of things I enjoyed during the week if you are in reading mood too:

Since it is Valentine's Day today, here's a (neuro-scientifically proved) trick for a happy relationship (does not include chocolates and heart balloons sorry).

What kids need from the grown ups apart from love and food.

My favorite aspiring storyteller Eugene Trivizas wins the "Oscar" of interactive tales (putting down even Disney), using only cherry stalks.

Using 3D printing embossed copies of reknown artworks are made for people with visual impairments.

A tea that becomes purple from blue when you add to it some lemon drops.

I desperately want a huge poster (or two, or three) of Ernst Haeckel biological illustrations somewhere in my house.

I will never stop being amazed by the athletes of gymnastics, here's a brilliant example of Sophina DeJesus.

Here's your chance to stay in the bedroom that Vincent Van Gohn sleeped in (and painted).

Time to start sewing tassels to our clothes, the new pom pom.

I saw the film "The Revenant" with DiCaprio (very riveting, did you like it?) and started reading again the "Genesis" by Eduardo Galeano on (the not yet approved) genocide of the Native Americans. What are you reading lately?

With that said I wish you a cozy Sunday and a dynamic week start tomorrow. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday so I am expecting an amazing day already!

(Double Exposure portrait by Sara K Byrne)