Brain Juicing: Our new podcast

Brain Juicing the new podcast by In Whirl of Inspiration

Hey, welcome in Brain Juicing, the new podcast from In Whirl of Inspiration presented by meee; Despina!

It will be a 10-20 minute show having to do with how peculiar creatures we, humans,are. It will contain a little bit of human relationships, a little bit with psychology and culture. Also, it will have to do with my firm belief, that food is a way of living and not just a physical need. Ah let's not also forget about the tiny bit of science facts (just to justify the crazy thoughts in my mind) that you will find inside.

To keep it brief, the first episode will come out next week and the theme is a top confidential secret. Don't miss it! seeya

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Credits | Text & Graphics: Despina Kortesidou