Quick Survey: Help us become better!

My sleeping kitty and Quick Survey: Help us become better! | from In Whirl of Inspiration

Ah! 2016 is almost over, and the ideas for 2017 are already flowing. But I need your help in this. If you could take some time to fill in this survey it would mean the world to us, as we really want to know what do you expect from IWOI, and what you would like to see more of around here.

Only the last 2 questions are required (all the others are optional, but really useful for us) and they take 1 minutes, tops, to write. The whole thing takes less than 3 minutes (I calculated it), so pleaaaase!? :)

Fill in the country you are from.
I know that you learn much more outside school, but I have no way to quantify this (yet). Until then...
about In whirl of inspiration (takes 1 mins)
In which platforms are you following us?
The IWOI website... *
The IWOI website...
( feel in what you believe for each statement )
... is easy to navigate in (makes it easy to find/discover what I need).
... creates easy ways to discover new and old content.
... looks good.
Please let us know what would make IWOI better & we will make our best to fulfill every need.
MOST IMPORTANTLY (Takes < 1.5 min)
Would you like more recipes, diys, interviews, essays, podcasts? Name it!
Would you be interested in healthy eating or crafts e-courses? I am dying to know, please enlighten me! :*

Creduts | Text & Photography: Despina Kortesidou