Wooden crates & plexiglass coffee table infused with plants DIY

Wooden crates & plexiglass coffee table infused with plants DIY | by IN WHIRL OF INSPIRATION

For a while now I wanted a coffee table made from wooden crates and a plexiglass surface. And then it struck me; what if I was taking advantage of the plexiglass’ transparency to infuse some plants in the coffee table? And in case you don’t know that already, my home’s plant threshold is constantly circumvented. :D Since the boxes I wanted to tick were somewhat particular; it was highly unlikely that I would find such a coffee table(at a reasonable price) like the one I was dreaming. But I managed to gather all the supplies that I needed, and I made it happen! Ah, I love it so much, it consists of two wooden crates (like the ones farmers carry their vegetables in, in the flea markets), a piece of plexiglass and –obviously- a bunch of plants to reach the Jurassic Park awesomeness I wanted (I put some dinosaurs too in)!

Step 2

Step 2

Step 4

Step 4


  • two wooden crates (like the ones that you carry fruits in, mine are 50 x 20 cm.)
  • white paint
  • atlacoll glue
  • a 5mm piece of plexiglass (ideal thickness for holding daily objects of 3-4kg without bending, mine is 70 x 50 cm)
  • black plastic bags
  • plumber’s tape
  • plant soil
  • fast crawling plants


  1. When you find two crates in the size of your choice (their color is not very important as you can paint them later), take them home. The only limitation is the height of the bottom, wooden panel, attached to the bottom of the crate. It should be high enough, to create a space with enough space to fit enough soil for your plants, and space to hide also the edge of the black bags that will include the soil (mine panel has a height of approx. 10 cm).
  2. Turn one crate upside down and apply a generous amount of atlacoll glue on its base. Place the second crate with its base facing the glue. Place inside some heavy books or other heavy objects of 3-5 kg and wait until atlacoll glue dries completely.
  3. Choose the color of your choice (I chose white plastic paint) to the paint them, or leave them in their natural color. If you paint them, let the, also dry enough before you continue (the drying time depends on the type of the paint).
  4. Cut some black bags in the middle and make a "nest" in which you will add the soil. Make sure to tape any leakage holes with waterproof plumber’s tape. Use crawling plants that will fill the gaps quickly, and will start hanging from the crates’ edges (so beautiful!).
  5. Add a little atlacoll glue on the top of the four ends of the crate, and align the plexiglass piece on them. Place the heavy objects on the glue spots, wait 5-6 hours until everything is dry.
  6. Your garden is accessible from the sides, which is handy for watering and pruning the plants. Make sure not to over water your plants; the lack of drainage holes can easily cause roots rotting.  Decorate the table with some cute plants (plantception) and candles, but avoid bulky objects (e.g., disks, books that "cut" the light your plants need desperately).
Step 5

Step 5

Jurassic Park! :D

Jurassic Park! :D

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Credits | Text & Photography: Despina Kortesidou


Déspina Kortesidou

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She founded In Whirl of Inspiration, back in 2011 when she was (just) a biology student, in the island of Crete. In Whirl of Inspiration started as a creative and writing outlet for when studying molecules, became too monotonous. Recently, she started writing a children book and a not-so-children's book about the civil war in Greece. She has a soft spot for cheese, elder people, and (her own) jokes, but can't tell any as she ruins them by laughing too early. She enjoys sharing advice for eating healthier, or inspiring people to cover themshelves with plants, color and confetti.

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