Framed (Paper) Monstera Leafs DIY

Framed (Paper) Monstera Leafs DIY | by In Whirl of Inspiration

It's not a big secret around here that I love my plants more than I love the humans around me (okay this was over the line, I take it back :D), but what I love even more is adding green touches in my house without torturing any of my green leafy buddies. So, I was ready to jump on the "framed leaf diy" train, but I was standing by Monstera with the scalpel in my hand, and this fatal moment I couldn't just chop a leaf off her. I mean, would you like me to cut one of your fingers and frame it?! (ok what's wrong with my metaphors today?). So instead...

... I used paper leafs, which won't turn yellowish in a while too (ha!).

Framed (Paper) Monstera Leafs DIY | by In Whirl of Inspiration

You will need:

- Green tissue paper
- Scissors
- Pen
- Framed artwork/photo with white padding around it

If you have a Monstera plant use two (ideally different) leafs as patrons, to draw on the tissue paper their outline. If you don't have this plant at home you can download and use my patterns.  Cut the "leafs", without injuring any plant, and add them in your frame on the white margin. This way they will emerge behind your photos or artwork. I put mine in a frame with butterflies that needed an extra touch of foliage all this time. 

Here are some more ideas to use paper in your diys in an unexpected way:

Credits | Text & Photography: Despina Kortesidou


Déspina Kortesidou

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