Colorful Stew with Cabbage Feta Rolls & Soft Boiled Eggs

Colorful Stew with Cabbage Feta Rolls & Soft Boiled Eggs

Now that you  have perfected your technique in saute cabbage rolls with juicy pleurotus in the their core, it's high time to show you how to embed them in soups too. Not in any soups, but in THE soup. Now that it's cold outside, a soup that combines such rich flavors and gives you the an enjoyable completeness feeling is the new must. So...

Colorful Stew with Cabbage Feta Rolls & Soft Boiled Eggs

Colorful Stew with Cabbage rolls and soft Boiled Eggs

(serves 2)


:: cabbage leafs (for the rolls)

:: feta cheese (for the rolls)

:: 1 medium potato and 1 sweet potato

:: 300gr of beef (or pork)

:: red peas

:: peas, carrots and corn vegetable mix

:: dried mushrooms

:: 2 eggs

:: sweet paprika, salt, pepper and rosemary


1) "Cook" the cabbage leafs in boiling water for 10''. Remove them and with a dry  paper remove the excess moisture.  Remove the cabbage's stiff part if necessary. In each cabbage leaf place a feta piece and roll tightly. Stick skewers into the cabbage roll, every 1 1/2 inches. Make cuts between the bamboo skewers.

2) Boil the eggs for 6mins and then soak them in icy water.  Remove the shells and cut them lengthwise in half.

3) In the same water that you scalded the cabbage leafs, add the sweet potatoes and plain potatoes pieces, dried mushrooms, the beef and finish with salt pepper, sweet paprika and a little rosemary. Cook for 15' in medium heat. Then add the vegetable mix and the red beans and cook another 5' in low heat. At the end add the cabbage rolls and cook 2' more minutes - enough time for the feta to start melting.  Serve hot and garnish with the soft boiled eggs and some salt and ground pepper. 

Colorful Stew with Cabbage Feta Rolls & Soft Boiled Eggs

Credits: Author & Photos by Deborah Cortes


Déspina Kortesidou

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