Make Bird Feeders for Garden or Balcony Railing

Make Bird Feeders for Garden or Balcony Railing

These cold months when everything is under the spell of morning rime is the perfect period to make bird feeders. Especially in regions where the houses are built thinly.

Install the bird feeders in the garden or in the balcony near a wide window or balcony door and check for little birdies. These holidays dad's and mine favorite hobby was to stalk for colorful visitors. Our usual suspects were some selective finches, many pesky sparrows and one dapper robin. We even managed to take many close-up photos of them, check here.

For those who have a garden:

Having a garden means that you are a click closer to the fields, which brings you closer to a wide range of possible regulars for your bird feeders. And it's very easy to make them.

Supplies: plastic bottles, branches, rope, atlacoll ( or any wood glue), lancet, a big iron rod <1,5m, twine, dry bread and grains
Take the plastic bottle and make hole on its bottom in the diameter of the metal rod. With the lancet cut in 2-3 bottle's spots an upside "Π" shape to create some folding to the outside screens. These will protect the food from the humidity in case of rain. Secure the rod in the ground and pass its upper side through the bottle. Now, using some twine tie firmly 1-2 branches on the rod, long enough to reach under your cut screens. In that way the birdies will jump easier into the feeder. Then tie some more skewer sticks on the bigger branches for more standing and moving spots. Drop a few drops of glue on the twines for better grip. Fill your feeders with dry bread and a variety of grains and expect several feathered friends .

Make sure that your metal rod is higher than 1,5m long and that the feeder is installed somewhere that has has clear viewing for the birds to check easily for stalking predators (eg the neighborhood's nasty cats will check the bird feeder quicker that you can imagine).

For those who have a balcony:

For those of you who live in the heart of the city or even in the suburbs, but you don't have a garden, there is a solution for bird feeders too.

Supplies: milk carton, lancet, branches, newspapers, wire, atlacoll, dry bread and grains

Take a carton of milk. With the lancet cut in 3 spots an upside "Π" shape to create some folding to the outside screens. Link the screens with newspapers pieces that you moistured with atlacoll. Put some more atlacoll in any cracks to waterproof your little kiosk from the rain. Under each opening make a hole in the diameter of a little branch and secure it there with some atlacoll. Tie the feeder on the balcony railing and you are ready to go. Make sure that you lay some newspapers under the feeder in case of bird droppings.

Wait for another post to check what visitors our camera caught. There were some colorful exceptional visitors for sure  :)

Credits: Author & Photos by: Deborah Cortes


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