Pukkelpop 2013 Music Festival

Ο ζεστός καλοκαιρινός βέλγικος καιρός, Yay!

Ο ζεστός καλοκαιρινός βέλγικος καιρός, Yay!

I think I mentioned it, but if I didn't never mind. I went to Pukkelpop music festival guys! It was part of our Belgian tour; besides Westerloo, Antwerp, Gent and Brussels our trip couldn't be complete without a music festival. And so we did it, we went to one. And this one had so many good names. Where to start from?

Well for many of you out there it may be totally normal to spend some awesome day every summer at music festivals. Broadening your music horizons, chillin with your buddies, having the bestest dirty time ever. Part of nature, right? Well, for us it wasn't a take-it-for-granted experience. I have never-ever gone to a 3 days festival, so big and so alive. Seriously man we even snobbed Crystal Castles, because we were dying to see Bat for Lashes instead. What a feeling to have so many artists at your fingertips, playing at 8 stages at the same time and to be so selective.

(You can also listen to a favorite selection of mine from the festival at the bottom of the post!  ) 

Photo by:  Joris Bulckens

Photo by: Joris Bulckens

Just a few words about the artists: If you asked me about my favorites, I would choose Bat for Lashes for sure and Parov Stelar, cause they nailed it man, with all letters in caps lock.  Alabama Shakes, XXs, Foals, Miles Kane, Ms Mr were so good to be true too.

Festival's Surprise/Fun Times: I have never danced for so long as in the Parov Stelar's live, I think electro swing speaks to my heart. //  I saw Eminem and -surprisingly- I enjoyed rapping.  // I lost The Prodigy's live, cause I was so tired that my eyes were closing without ever asking me.

Festival's disappointment: Neil Young & Crazy Horses called off their live at the last minute and they were replaced by Total Major Blazer Lasers or something like that. Ok they were Major Lazer, they were Belgian and we were waiting for something bigger, sorry. // Also, we were waiting for so more by the Allah Las (kinda similar music to Beach Boys ) and man they seemed bored to death to play in front of 2.000 people. Seriously? 

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