Mixtape - Dear Miami

Mixtape - Dear Miami by WhenHmetJ
Και τη στιγμή που ψάχνεις μανιωδώς το control για ν' ανεβάσεις τη θερμοκρασία στο air condition ή σερφάρεις ατελείωτα μπας και κατεβούν οι τιμές στα ακτοπλοϊκά, έρχεται μια λίστα να συνδυάσει την παραλία με τη βεράντα, το cocktail με τη μπύρα και το πανηγύρι με το Cavo Paradiso.
Pt IΙ στο soundtrack για την άμμο και την πέτρα, το χλώριο και την πλαστική πισίνα.

Η λίστα τούτη είναι από τους "When Harry met Julia", δες τες όλες εδώ.


Déspina Kortesidou

Déspina Kortesidou was born with the April flowers sometime in the '90s in the sunny peninsula of Greece. She is a graduating master student of neuroscience & metabolism, and a born adventurer.

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She founded In Whirl of Inspiration, back in 2011 when she was (just) a biology student, in the island of Crete. In Whirl of Inspiration started as a creative and writing outlet for when studying molecules, became too monotonous. Recently, she started writing a children book and a not-so-children's book about the civil war in Greece. She has a soft spot for cheese, elder people, and (her own) jokes, but can't tell any as she ruins them by laughing too early. She enjoys sharing advice for eating healthier, or inspiring people to cover themshelves with plants, color and confetti.

Feel free to email her at hello@inwhirlofinspiration.com, or find her on Instagram and Twitter. (breaking the 3rd person narration to thank you properly)

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